In a Ring Exclusive, Abner Mares explains why he’s coming back after four years on Sunday night

In a Ring Exclusive, Abner Mares explains why he’s coming back after four years on Sunday night

Abner Mares, to those within boxing, know him as one of the game’s heroes, in a game not loaded up with a large number. The 36-year-old Mares once held the IBF bantamweight title, the WBC junior featherweight belt and WBC featherweight title. He was one of boxing’s enlightening figures with an incredible origin story. The 2004 Mexican Olympian was destitute for a piece of his young life, staying alive on days-old, lapsed food from modern trash containers behind huge supermarkets. His paradise used to lick dribbling gooey chocolate from his hands. He would weep well into the night from hunger torments.

Female horses (31-3-1, 15 knockouts) has not battled since dropping a consistent choice to then-WBA featherweight titlist Leo Santa Cruz in June 2018. On Sunday, Mares will be back, making his lesser lightweight presentation against Miguel Flores (25-4, 12 KOs) on the Andy Ruiz-Luis Ortiz undercard in a 10-round battle in a PBC occasion on FOX Sports pay-per-view (9PM ET/6PM PT) from the Crypto Arena in Los Angeles.

In late-January 2019, Mares went through a medical procedure on his right eye to fix an isolates retina he harmed after progressive competing meetings. The injury constrained a scratch-off of his battle against Gervonta “Tank” Davis in a Showtime headliner in February 2019. At the point when Mares harmed his eye, he quit boxing and throughout the course of recent years has fiddled with broadcasting, filling in as one of Showtime’s variety experts.

Everything seemed well around him.

I don’t have to prove anything to the other guy. I’m fighting because I’m getting an opportunity. I’m getting this chance on pay-per-view to showcase once-upon-a-time who I was. I know the instructions my corner has. It’s not about how good I have to look; I’m going out there to give a show.

He seemed to be his break with boxing would be spotless and he would have the option to leave with practically no pestering second thoughts.

Up to this point.


“It’s all around as basic as I’m getting another open door I’m prepared to do in any case battling,” Mares said. “I’m prepared to do in any case following through with something. I wouldn’t be facing a challenge in the event that I realized I proved unable (battle) any longer. I’ve been preparing for some time, two times, three times each week. I need to go out on my own safeguard. Every one of my battles all through my vocation, I needed to battle to dazzle, I needed to battle to get cash, I generally needed to demonstrate I was superior to the next person.

“Presently, I don’t need to demonstrate anything to anybody any longer. I’m battling in light of the fact that I’m getting an open door. I’m getting this opportunity on pay-per-view to grandstand sometime in the distant past what my identity was. I know the guidelines my corner has. There’s really no need to focus on how great I need to look; I’m going out there to give a show.”

Horses says his right eye is “great.” He lets it be known’s not equivalent to it was before he got harmed.

The greatest concern is Mares’ wellbeing. Could his develop bones at any point manage the discipline he used to have the option to persevere, particularly in preparing?

Nobody in boxing needs to see anybody get truly harmed — particularly somebody like Abner Mares.

“I know the dangers,” he focused. “I understand what I’m in for. My corner has severe guidelines that assuming they see I’m getting hit more than I ought to, or I’m getting harmed, they’re requested to stop the battle. I’m not there to demonstrate anything. I’m there to have some good times. I realize I’ve been out for quite some time. I have been preparing since this entire break. Everything is mental. Some of the time my body uniform, and afterward I get my butt back in the rec center and it disappears.

“I’m cheerful the manner in which my body has been answering. I really do know I’m not a similar warrior I was previously. In any case, I am fighting significantly more youthful folks, and I’m competing eight, 10 rounds. Boxing is tied in with tracking down your spots and picking your spots to shoot.”

I’m going to be a fighter the rest of my life until I die. That’s a big part of this. No one is going to separate me from who I am. It’s why I say that I’m doing this for me. You can say that I still have stuff in my basement that I need to address.

Flores doesn’t present a very remarkable danger, having lost two of his beyond three battles, remembering a consistent choice to Santa Cruz for November 2019. In any case, Flores has battled multiple times throughout the course of recent years. He conveys some edge, however not much power.

Female horses has been preparing with Manny Robles’ associate mentor, Edgar “Estrellita” Jasso. The dad of two little girls, one 16, the other 11, likewise needed to pay all due respects to somebody more significant than him, or the boxing media, or the FOX Sports chiefs — Mares needed to pay all due respects to his better half, Nathalie.

He introduced his rebound thought to her at home. It was like needing to go out with the folks when you get very anxious to inquire as to whether it’s OK.

“I’m not concealing this, and I haven’t been concealing this, my significant other didn’t maintain that I should battle, my children didn’t believe I should battle, yet there’s no need to focus on any other person the present moment, I’m doing this for me,” Mares said. “My better half fundamentally asked me for what valid reason? Any individual who loves and thinks often about you comprehends what you’re enthusiastic about. On the off chance that they in all actuality do adore and think often about you, they will back you up. My family is on this.

“This is no doubt a limited time offer arrangement. I’m doing whatever it takes not to return and make a profession. I’m not getting down on any huge names. I’m honestly not at their level. I’m battling and that is all there is to it, and I’m finished.”

“I will be a contender the remainder of my life until I kick the bucket. That is a major piece of this. Nobody will isolate me from who I am. It’s the reason I say that I’m doing this for me. You can say that I actually have stuff in my cellar that I really want to address. I don’t figure this rendition of me could beat the youthful adaptation of me. That person who tossed 200 punches a round isn’t me any longer, yet I could outfox the youthful Abner.

“I’m conversing with my corner. I’m in any event, going to converse with the arbitrator that assuming there is any difficult situation, I believe they should stop it.”

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