Sunny Edwards Will Do Everything Possible To Make Bam Rodriguez Fight

Sunny Edwards Will Do Everything Possible To Make Bam Rodriguez Fight

In the event that Radiant Edwards could compose his fantasy schedule for 2023, it would highlight a battle with Jesse “Bam Rodriguez, a unification and afterward start off 2024 with a battle in Japan.

Edwards safeguards his IBF flyweight against Felix Alvarado in Sheffield on Friday night, yet as of now has his eyes on different things. To be sure, he is as yet stinging that a unification with Julio Cesar Martinez failed to work out, something he puts down to the Mexican’s monetary requests.

“This ought not be the battle I’m having at present, I ought to have previously confronted Martinez yet he maintained that $1 million should confront me,” Edwards said.

“It was totally finished. I was offered something by Eddie (Hearn), I requested 100,000 on top and they concurred. We settled on it, it was completely settled on my side. They offered him more than they concurred with me and he was requesting $1 million to battle me.

“He was likely being presented about $750,000. This is a major cash battle. He informed me on Instagram saying ‘we will make the record for the greatest flyweight battle ever’. What’s more, I said ‘ensure you don’t allow the chance to go by, remain devoted, remain on it and at whatever point you are prepared we will make it’.”

The contention with Martinez returns. All things considered, Martinez was the one who actually finished the rule as WBC flyweight boss of Edwards’ sibling Charlie. Martinez took out Edwards with a punch on the floor, which brought about him being given back his title, just to then surrender it as he was unable to make the weight.

“It’s certifiable, dislike I like him,” Edwards said. “He came over, took my sibling’s energy, took my sibling’s advertiser and bombed a medication test across the board decisive victory. I could do without him by any means.

“He battled a gravely weight-depleted Charlie Edwards. He was endeavoring to try and make the really look at loads. Then in the battle he hits him with a totally shrewd punch on the floor. He is down then he takes action and afterward he hits him.

“However, I won’t ever value myself out of a major battle. The open door and the stage implies such a great amount to me I could never value myself out of it.

“All I need is a 20ft ring – not a 24ft one like Billy Joe Saunders requested – and a solitary material.

“I think Eddie Hearn knows, Whirlpool Reynoso knows, and that’s what he knows whether he gets in the ring with me it is just going one way, so he needs to make it a money out battle. Indeed, he could get an opportunity to take me out. Yet, no other person has come close previously.”

Edwards’ ears illuminated when he heard Rodriguez saying he needed to drop down to flyweight to confront him, despite the fact that he fears he could be pressed out assuming he chooses to confront Martinez all things being equal.

“At the point when Bam Rodriguez says he is coming down to take my reality title, I will oblige him,” Edwards said. “I will give my best for ensure that is my next battle. Everybody says he will beat me and I can’t have that.

“In the event that he winds up battling Martinez, he has kept away from me too.

“He says he needs to step down and battle me, yet in the event that he doesn’t I won’t lounge around at flyweight excessively lengthy.

“I don’t battle at the weight so I could drop down or up. Certain individuals think I’m preposterous, or I have confidence in myself to an extreme. Yet, until somebody provides me with the experience of not being in charge in the ring, I know nothing else.”

Another thing for the list of must-dos is a battle in Japan around New Year. Positively, there would be no deficiency of potential rivals.

“My birthday is January 1 and Japan is where they generally have huge battles at New Year,” he said. “That would be a little glimpse of heaven.”

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