Dmitry Bivol vs. Gilberto ‘Zurdo’ Ramirez: Keys to victory for both fighters live stream and how to follow

Dmitry Bivol vs. Gilberto ‘Zurdo’ Ramirez: Keys to victory for both fighters live stream and how to follow

Dmitry Bivol is coming off the biggest win of his career in dominating Canelo Alvarez toward a unanimous decision back in May. What the reigning WBA light heavyweight champion and his rugged challenger must do to be successful Saturday in Abu Dhabi, and live on DAZN.

Presently, the undefeated WBA light heavyweight title holder faces one more firm test through battering-puncher Gilberto Ramirez (44-0, 30 KOs) who like Bivol (20-0, 11 KOs) has never experienced a misfortune.


FRIDAY, NOV. 4, 2022


Time: 5:00 AM EST or 2:00 AM PST


The stakes for this 175-pound slant Saturday at Etihad Field in Abu Dhabi, and live on DAZN, are very high. That being said, DAZN records the keys to triumph for Bivol and Ramirez in this urgent light heavyweight title battle.

Gilberto Ramirez’s keys to victory

Fight forward in rhythm

Ramirez pushes his feet and battles ahead in mood delightfully. The development is conscious yet powerful as he tends to draw from his punch portfolio in stirring up his weapons store of freedoms, lefts and that uppercut to furrow adversaries down on their back feet. Following and battling in stream offers ‘Zurdo’ his most obvious opportunity against Bivol, who likes to box with space. Shaking the WBA light heavyweight best on the planet from his position will go long ways toward a potential title change.

Pressure inside

With the southpaw having a slight arrive at advantage, in the event that Ramirez can battle forward in musicality as he really does so well and it’s compelling, he can then hope to get inside. Securing himself the phonebooth with Bivol could trap the hero into fighting as opposed to boxing and any time those arrangements flash, it depends on Ramirez to underwrite with significant power shots. With power in two hands, Ramirez is positively equipped for harming Bivol. It’s to a greater extent an issue of requesting the situation to do so and quickly jumping all over his opportunities.

Make deposits to body, especially with the left hook

Bivol helps out occupation of holding the telephone in keeping that right hand on his sanctuary to impede shots higher up. Yet, in keeping that high gatekeeper he’s frequently defenseless to body shots. As a southpaw, Ramirez should produce his own green lights — and here and there cross reds — to dig toward Bivol’s body. Canelo had accomplishment with snares to the body in any case couldn’t nullify Bivol’s hit to the point of getting the success. ‘Zurdo’ ought to hope to set aside these installments to the body right off the bat in work to compel Bivol’s undoubtedly sufficient to land a harming shot higher up. That’s what he does and we can have another best on the planet.

Dmitry Bivol’s keys to victory

Assert power jab early

Essentially said: Dmitry Bivol claims one of the most amazing power hits in boxing. For anybody who didn’t be aware preceding May, the Russian showed the world that in his consistent choice triumph over Canelo. Bivol’s power punch is tossed with extremely careful exactness, puncturing and decaying rivals as the rounds go on. Laying out this weapon early could smother Ramirez’s positive headway and assuming that occurs, ‘Zurdo’ could wind up very nearly being dissected with specialized accuracy and abilities the remainder of the way through.

Turn the volume up behind the jab

At the point when Bivol can land that hit early, his punches in bundles will quite often follow. Pretty soon, his rivals — like Canelo in May — think of themselves as amassed and eating a lot of calfskin. Ramirez can’t stand to get muffled this way. However, assuming Bivol interfaces with that hit early, anticipate that his punch volume should be turned far up.

Box don’t brawl

Bivol is at his absolute best boxing from an external perspective behind that poke and wearing out rivals a large number of rounds until his hands are raised on focuses. His last seven battles being won by consistent choice authenticates only that. Obviously, ‘Zurdo’ would like just to snare Bivol into a fight and albeit the Russian can oblige on occasion, it’s to his greatest advantage to depend on his skilled sweet science. It permitted him to separate and menace Canelo in the greatest win of his vocation and it can cover a heavenly 2022 in the event that he adheres to the blueprint this end of the week.

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